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Workflow consultancy from shooting to final deliverables   /   Color correction (resolution independent) using Filmlight Baselight 4   /  
Fully calibrated 2K DI room and DI workflow   /   Digital Cinema
Mastering (2D, 3D incl. subtitling)   /   Film prints from analog or digital source   /   Digital restoration and repair   /  
High-res mastering   /   Titles and credits   /   FTP and Aspera delivery


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Digital Dailies on set

The fastest & most reliable dailies service for digital capture. Don’t be a victim of amateur systems hire the complete solution
from set to delivery.
Do not risk losing data, bad results or incurring hidden costs.

Confirming the integrity of each shot. Verification of metadata logs, slates, time codes, correct file names, and any additional information.

Off- line editing can begin with the correct file format for evaluation: Apple Pro Res or DNxHD (deliveries on demand like HDDs, DVDs, or QTs for the Internet or mobile devices).
High powered computing tools enable a fast and efficient workflow.

Back up performed daily on LTO tapes (recommended) or hard disc drives.

LTO tapes are considered the most robust and reliable media backup in the industry. They are a verified, retrievable, durable and cost effective backup media source.

Bondable operations

Color calibration of monitors and camera optimization to ensure your digital dailies possess the look of the final print with the use of 3D LUTs.
On-set creative colour grading is conducted by a colourist and is transformed into metadata which accompanies the original images to the post house.


What is included:

State of the art equipment with calibrated HD monitors on set and/or in the lab

Cinelabs Digital Imaging Technician (DIT):

  • Ensures the safety of your data
  • Offers the cinematographer the possibility of experimenting with creative choices
  • Understands the workflows and procedures involved in a production and post-production environment
  • Replaces the video assistant function
  • DIT takes care of all the complexities involved with new data acquisition and file-based workflows